We are proud to announce another year of exceptional summer training for the development of figure skaters from Iceland and around the world. In addition, we provide a world-class coaching staff, a professional camp faculty staff, and a safe and nurturing environment. Guest and Resident coaches are among National, International, World, and Olympic professionals. We offer a proven program that keeps campers looking forward to a new experience every day. The Arctic Ice training team, includes on and off ice sport technicians specializing in creating the mind and body of a champion figure skater.

Iceland – Reykjavik 2019 ONE WEEK (1 Week)
Iceland – Reykjavik 2019 TWO WEEK’S (2 Week’s)
USA – Tampa Florida 2019 ONE WEEK (1 Week)
USA – Tampa Florida 2019 TWO WEEK’S (2 Week’s)
USA – Tampa Florida 2019 THREE WEEK’S (3 Week’s)

If you register for 3 Week’s (Example: 1 Week in Iceland + 2 Weeks in USA, or 3 Weeks in USA) you are receiving 5% Off (discount), for each week. Please contact us if you plan to register for 3 Weeks, in order to receive Coupon (discount coupon). Total Discount for 3 week’s will equal to 15% from total amount of registered weeks which is 3 (Three) weeks. Example: 3 Weeks = 2250 $ – 15 % (Discount) = 1912 $ and 50 US Cents – ($1912.50) which equals: -337 $ and 50 US Cents (-$337.50 discount)

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