Iceland – Reykjavik 2019 ONE WEEK (1 Week)

Iceland – Reykjavik 2019 ONE WEEK (1 Week)
Iceland - Reykjavik 2019 (June 10-21) - Egilshöll

6 hour per day training experience including at least two on ice training sessions, off ice instruction including dance, strength training, endurance training, spinner, and harness training. Open to all ages and levels. Guest coaches to include: Kevin Curtis – PSA Master rated coach and technical specialist and Yulia Lipnitskaya - The youngest Russian athlete to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics (Team Event)

  • The Arctic Ice training team, includes on and off ice sessions.
  • Possibility to take at least one private lesson per day! Private lessons are subject for extra fee.
  • Feel the Olympic spirit at Olympic size rink - 30 x 60 meters.


Q: Who can participate?
A: Everyone From Age 5+
Q: If parent/s can't travel with skater, who will look after and take care of my child?
A: Parent committee, who will/are able to be there during the camp will look after and take care of your child
Q: Is there participants limit?
A: Yes, number of participants is strictly limited and will be a priority, we recommend to register as soon as possible
Q: Is it cold in June in Iceland during the Camp period?
A: No, it is not! It's Sunny, warm and beautiful! Perfect time to visit, Blue Lagoon Iceland Geothermal Spa Center as well!


  • The Bjorninn Parent committee is working on group travel and rooming accommodations for those wishing to attend without parents.
  • The estimated camp cost will be $750 per week and can be paid by credit card on the website.
Please send us an E-mail in order to receive Coupon discount short code:


  • Paypal - Payment is made after registration in PayPal.
  • Bank Transfer - Payment is made after the bank transfer to the bank account of the organizers.
  • In Cash - Also we accept payments in cash at the ice rink.
  • Credit/Debit Card - Also we accept payments in Credit/Debit.
For more details about how to pay with PayPal, Bank transfer and Credit/Debit, please e-mail us (CLICK IT).

Registration for the Arctic Ice Camp:
Iceland/Reykjavik 2019 – (June 10-21)
will be open on November 12 (Monday), 2018 via the website with limited availability.
Fun Fact: 47 km from Reykjavík to Blue Lagoon
NOTE! RESPONSIBILITY: We as organizers take no charge of you and your health. We ask all skaters to travel with their parents or other responsible person. If anything happens to you during a practice session we will take care of you and if needed take you to a doctor or a hospital. Time outside of practice sessions is your personal responsibility. For injuries and illnesses all skaters have to have health-insurance for the camp.


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Refund Policy: Camp fees are refundable only with medical verification and prior to June 1, 2019. If camp is cancelled due to an act of God/Nature, refunds for tuition and lessons will be returned in full.

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ONE WEEK (1 Week)

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